Creative Arts Enterprise

creative-arts-textIn the AngelWorks Creative Arts Enterprise clients are able to fully express their creative energy, while creating visual art in a variety of forms. Instructors and community artists work with our Angel Artists to produce a variety of works such as oil and watercolor paintings, drawings, ceramics, jewelry and hand-sewn products. Shop our most popular products online!

In the David Toms Foundation AngelWorks Gift Shop you will find the beautiful products that are created by our Angel Artists in collaboration with our community artist volunteers. These individuals have given countless hours of their time, skills, patience and love to make the AngelWorks Day Program and the retail products created through our five social enterprises a success.

Holli Hennessy is one of our community artist angels. Holli is a retired art teacher who has taught in both the Caddo Public School System and at St. Mark’s Cathedral School for more than 40 years. She has been working with our residents in Ceramics and has taught them how to create the lovely leaf-imprinted platters featured in the gift shop.

In Crafts, our artist angel Paula Frierson has been teaching the residents to create the beautiful wooden block crosses, which have become very popular in the community. Paula holds an art degree from Centenary College, and we are so grateful for her gifts of time, talent and creativity.

Ivy Frierson serves as a volunteer in Painting. She has many years of experience painting with oils as a hobby and enjoys all types of subjects. She has helped channel the inner-artist in many of our residents to create thought-provoking masterpieces and help them to develop an appreciation of the fine arts.

The work of the residents in Jewelry has been significantly influenced by community artist, Mary Caroline Spano. She brings her inspiration and unique flair to the latest AngelWorks jewelry products, as she encourages our residents to create a collection of layered, hand-crafted necklaces. We are also grateful to Sid Potts and his staff for their influence on our jewelry products.

Throughout the week, skilled volunteer seamstresses work with our experienced sewing instructor to assist our clients as they create a variety of sewing products, from collage pillows and sachets to an assortment of needlepoint creations.

These and many other volunteers give their time and talents to enrich the lives of our residents and AngelWorks program participants.