Corporate Supporters help sustain the Holy Angels mission in various ways, whether creating a new social enterprise, hiring residents through supported employment, supporting the organization through custom sponsorship, or displaying and distributing the special retail items hand-made by our clients. Holy Angels has three different types of Corporate Supporters: Retail Partners, Supported Employment Partners, and Community Partners. Our partners help Holy Angels to better integrate into the Shreveport-Bossier area, allowing our mission to reach those who may not know about Holy Angels. Thank you, Community Partners!

Interested in becoming a Community Partner?
Contact Director of Business Development Melissa Ricou at 318.629.1715

Retail Partners

Retail Partners include local businesses that sell one or more of our AngelWorks products.

Supported Employment Partners

Supported Employment Partners employ individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, providing these individuals with community exposure.

Community Partners

Community Partners include anyone that wants to collaborate with Holy Angels in their organization in whatever way that benefits both organizations, with no limitations.

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