TRAINING And Employment


There are very limited vocational training and job opportunities for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities in the Shreveport-Bossier community. While the unemployment rate is about 9% nationwide, it is approximately 70% for individuals with disabilities. The job coaching and supported employment opportunities offered through the AngelWorks day program give these individuals the opportunity to learn work skills that can then be translated into productive and meaningful work opportunities.

Quality Care

Providing quality care and training in an environment that promotes self-esteem and an opportunity for meaningful work is the focus of Holy Angels’ programming. Holy Angels believes everyone has the right to learn, achieve, and find dignity and purpose in life. This belief is realized through the AngelWorks Day Program, which provides meaningful work for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Supported Employment Program is run by Holy Angels’ Vocational Instruction Coordinator. Trained Job Coaches work directly with residents to become work-ready before they officially head out into the community workforce.

Through AngelWorks, Holy Angels provides jobs in its five social enterprises.

Creative Arts

Culinary Arts


Holy Rhino

Thank You To Our Supported Employment Partners