HEALTHY Lifestyles


Physical Fitness

Holy Angels’ growing emphasis on physical fitness addresses the overall health outcomes of the entire Holy Angels community. Our wellness team consistently challenges our clients and employees to spend more time engaging in healthy activities. A weekly group exercise schedule is followed, allowing each client to enjoy activities with their fellow participants, as well as have dedicated time with our exercise physiologist. Routines are based on individual goals and abilities.

As we help our clients develop more active lifestyles, we have invested in specialized equipment to increase strength, mobility, and dexterity to protect the safety and well-being of participants and staff. This specialized equipment was made possible by generous donations from local and out-of-state supporters. Various workout sessions in the gym are offered daily in addition to walking, bike riding, swimming, and water aerobics. Holy Angels also offers fun activities in exercises such as basketball, powerlifting, cheerleading, and horseback riding.

“Health and Exercise have an impact on the total well-being of a person. My goal at Holy Angels is for our residents to have the opportunity to enjoy their best lives, both physically and mentally. Everyone may not be able to do everything, but everyone can do something. It’s amazing watching each resident find their healthy lifestyle fit and succeed at conquering their individual goals.”



Habilitation Assistant Director, Holy Angels Residential Facility

Dietary Needs

A Registered Dietitian provides assessments and recommendations weekly to the medical team at Holy Angels. They work with our medical directors and other physicians to provide balanced and healthy meal plans for the residents. In general, residents have very different medical conditions that can be affected by diet and exercise. Many medical conditions require specialized diets. For example, someone with kidney failure or diabetes will need a different diet than someone with hypertension or thyroid dysfunction, while some residents will need more calories than others.

It is important to remember that all residents have the right to make choices about their diet. These are informed choices with the help of the dietitian. The dietitian spends time with each resident and assesses their likes and dislikes as well as how well they eat or do not eat. Each resident’s weight is also monitored every month. Even with all the teaching and planning, the resident has the final choice. In addition, if a resident chooses to spend their money at the vending machine, staff can encourage the resident to make healthy choices, but staff cannot restrict the resident from purchasing a candy bar or bag of chips. It is their money and their choice.

Group Exercise

Active Lifestyles

Fun Activities