Healthy Lifestyles

Holy Angels’ growing emphasis on physical fitness is addressing the overall health outcomes of the entire Holy Angels community. Our wellness team consistently challenges our clients and employees to spend more time engaging in healthy activities. A weekly group exercise schedule is followed, allowing each client to enjoy activities with their fellow participants, as well as have dedicated time with our exercise physiologist. Routines are based on individual goals and abilities.

As we help our clients develop more active lifestyles, we have invested in specialized equipment to increase strength, mobility, and dexterity in a manner that protects the safety and well-being of both participants and staff. This specialized equipment was made possible by generous donations from local and out-of-state supporters.

In addition to dedicated gym time, our clients enjoy activities such as Pilates, yoga, bocce ball, basketball, and other forms of group exercise and games that support healthy lifestyles.


“When you talk about the six dimensions of wellness, the physical is only one of them,” Thomas said.  “There are also emotional, occupational, spiritual, intellectual and social.  We want to target all of them.”