AngelWorks offers day program services for current residential clients and individuals with disabilities who live in the community and are at least 18 years of age.

In AngelWorks, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive work readiness training and job placement in integrated settings. Clients gain self-esteem and job satisfaction by participating in AngelWorks, where they learn time management skills as they work in different enterprises throughout the week. Each client is given the opportunity to choose where they would like to work based on their interests and abilities.

AngelWorks is an award-winning day program comprised of five social enterprises.

Business Services


AngelWorks’ clients provide business services, like collating and packaging, to local and out-of-state businesses.

For more information, please contact Gina Anderson at 318-797-8500.

Creative Arts


In the AngelWorks Creative Arts Enterprise, clients are able to express their creative energy while creating visual art. Instructors and community artists work with our Angel Artists to produce a variety of works, including oil and watercolor paintings, drawings, ceramics, jewelry, and hand-sewn products. Shop our most popular products online!

Culinary Arts


With the assistance of culinary specialists, AngelWorks’ clients work in our commercially equipped kitchens and bakery to produce our famous Holy Angels cookies, biscotti, and Sister Seraphine Ricci’s Lasagna, which are sold at the David Toms Foundation AngelWorks Gift Shop and also available at our local community partners—Maxwell’s Market, Bodacious Bar and Q, and Robinson Film Center.



Holy Angels’ AngelWorks Horticulture enterprise provides opportunities for clients to receive work-readiness training in the AdvoCare AngelWorks Conservatory and the vermicompost institute.

Horticulture offers wide-ranging benefits for people in therapeutic, vocational, and wellness programs. Holy Angels uses horticulture to provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the benefits of gardening experiences as a part of their vocational and occupational regimen. In collaboration with the Northwest Louisiana Master Gardeners, we utilize resources provided by the American Horticultural Therapy Association and outdoor classroom consultants to meet the needs of our clients.

Holy Rhino


Rhino Coffee, owned by local entrepreneur Andrew Crawford, and Holy Angels have collaborated to create a signature blend of coffee appropriately named “Holy Rhino.” The flavor of the blend was chosen by community members’ votes and is unique to Holy Angels. AngelWorks clients weigh and package beans and grounds, add Holy Angels’ signature labels to the packaged products, and seal bags for retail distribution. Holy Rhino Coffee is available at Rhino Coffee, Lewis’ Gifts, and the David Toms AngelWorks Gift Shop.


AngelWorks provides meaningful work for our clients through these enterprises. Each AngelWorks Enterprise produces retail products and services that translate Holy Angels’ mission to the community. The hand-made products created, including the famous Holy Angels cookies, Sister Seraphine’s Lasagna, Holy Rhino coffee, biscotti, jewelry, pottery, pillows, artwork, and horticulture products, can be purchased in the David Toms Foundation AngelWorks Gift Shop.

For more information on Holy Angels’ AngelWorks Enterprises, please call
318-797-8500 or email

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