Holy Angels was established in 1965 with a commitment to excellence and to our mission. The organization accepts Medicaid reimbursement for residential care; however, the level of funding does not cover the cost of care provided. The difference between Medicaid funding and the level of care provided (the gap) is due to enhanced programming provided for:

  • Job Training and Job Placement

Adults seeking job training and job placement in the community attend the AngelWorks Day Program. Supportive Employment and transportation is provided for those working in the community and includes job readiness training and job coaching services.

  • Complex Medical Care and Behavior Interventions

Medical professions (Internal Medicine Physician, Neuropsychiatrist, RNs, LPNs) provide children and adults with 24-hour complex medical care and end of life needs.

Complex Care: Individuals receiving services are aging and often have extraordinary medical needs or challenging behaviors.

  • Holy Angels serves approximately 180 individuals in residential care.

o     40% require intense behavior or medical supports (72 individuals out of 180).

o     16 individuals in this group are children or young adults who need total care 24/7/365.

o     Several others are diagnosed with terminal illnesses and require palliative (end of life) care.

  • Durable medical equipment is meant to be included in bundled reimbursement rate but does not cover extraordinary costs of DME. In one year, Holy Angels invested $11,000 in one customized bed and $18,000 for three custom wheelchairs required for our population.
  • Students with Developmental Delays or Developmental Disabilities.

Children living in the community ages two through twenty-one are provided with Applied Behavior Analysis therapy and education in the newly established Community School, a division of Holy Angels.

  • Workforce Development.

Committed staff receive on the job training, career pathways, and mission based meaningful work. Holy Angels established Angel University, an award-winning Workforce Development Initiative, where staff are paid to train toward certifications. Holy Angels designed five levels of Direct Service Professional Certifications: Certified Medication Administrators, Job Coaches, Enterprise Coordinators, Team Leaders, Line Technicians, and Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Trainers.

The annual operating shortfall (gap) ranges from $1.5 million – $2.5 million. Thanks to the generous donations received annually from corporations, community donors, foundations, and families, Holy Angels sustains this level of care.

Every year providers have appealed to the Louisiana Department of Health, particularly the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities and the Office of Management and Finance, as well as the Louisiana Legislature to provide enough money to address the needs of those served and for relief from bureaucratic burdens. We are thankful for the relief provided and ask that reimbursement models are designed and fund the current needs of those we serve.