Angel Works

AngelWorks offers day program services for current residential clients and for individuals with disabilities who live in the community who are at least 18 years of age. AngelWorks is an award-winning day program comprised of five social enterprises: Creative Arts (jewelry, pottery, sewing, and painting), Culinary Arts (cookies and lasagna), Horticulture, Business Services (collating and shredding), and Holy Rhino Coffee (grinding and packaging). In AngelWorks, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive work readiness training and job placement in integrated settings. Clients gain self-esteem and job satisfaction by participating in AngelWorks, where they are taught time management skills as they work in the different enterprises throughout the week. Each client is given the opportunity to choose where he or she would like to work based on their interests and abilities.

AngelWorks provides meaningful work for our clients through these enterprises, and all produce retail products and services that translate Holy Angels’ mission to the community through their intrinsic value. Among the many hand-made products created are the famous Holy Angels cookies, Sister Seraphine’s Lasagna, Holy Rhino coffee, biscotti, jewelry, pottery, pillows, artwork and horticulture products. These product are featured in the David Toms Foundation AngelWorks Gift Shop.

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