IMG_6825Holy Angels has a 50+ year history of success, built on stories of families walking by our side to provide the highest quality care to those we love.

Having the support of our residents’ and AngelWorks program participants’ families is critical to the success of Holy Angels. Our vision is to be a premiere facility for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the country by 2020. We can only achieve such success with our families by our side.

Families may choose to be involved in Holy Angels in a number of ways… by giving of their time, talent or treasure. We especially ask that our families remember us in their prayers and be a positive witness for our organization in the community.

“You don’t have to be rich and famous to take on such a mission….Every day, the world invites you to make a difference. You only need to recognize these invitations and respond in a way that suits your ambitions, your values, your resources, and your passion.” – Bill Strickland, Making the Impossible, Possible

Programs available to my child/loved one?

We encourage family participation in our four cornerstone events. Many Families find connections in this way to be very rewarding, as it gives you an opportunity to take an active role in the organization. You are invited to volunteer, become a sponsor and attend any event hosted by Holy Angels.

Please call the Development Team by 318-797-8500, to learn more about how you can join the fun.

“Holy Angels Family Association”

The Holy Angels Family Association is a group that meets once a year, normally after the Angel Run. They are the “hands of Holy Angels that pats the backs of the workers” letting them know how much they are appreciated and what a wonderful job they are doing. The family association does this by giving everyone a Christmas bonus and hosting a Christmas banquet. They also have several other projects which help with the care of the clients, by sponsoring the Angel Run and other Holy Angels events. If you are interested in joining the Holy Angels Family Association, please call 318-797-8500.

“Love Always” Campaign

There is and always has been a gap between the funding provided by the State and the actual costs of providing the standard of care your family member deserves. This is why we must continue to be pro-active in addressing this shortfall with our support.

As the Creating Opportunities Campaign comes to an end, we hope that our families will see the impact their gifts have had on our campus and our clients, and choose to commit to a monthly gift that will support the organization in in a way that expresses “Love Always”, just as you would a regular gift to your church.

A “Love Always” gift can come in the form of a monthly gift (automatic draft available) or by including Holy Angels in your estate plans. And, your gift can be made in honor or memory of a loved one.

When we seek support from outside sources, one of the questions asked is do those closest to your organizations support you. It is critical that we be able to say “yes we have 100% participation by our families, our Board and our staff.”