Holy Rhino Coffee Enterprise

Billy_HolyRhinoCoffeeRhino Coffee, owned by local entrepreneur Andrew Crawford, and Holy Angels have collaborated to create a signature blend of coffee appropriately named “Holy Rhino”. The flavor of the blend was chosen by community members’ votes, and is unique to Holy Angels. AngelWorks clients weigh and package beans and grounds, add Holy Angels’ signature labels to the packaged products, and seal bags for retail distribution. Holy Rhino Coffee may be purchased at Rhino Coffee, Lewis’ Gifts, and the David Toms AngelWorks Gift Shop. As a result of its growing popularity, the blend is having to be frequently restocked at these locations.

In the future, Holy Rhino Coffee will allow AngelWorks clients to engage in community integration by installing brewers and stocking corporate offices who have chosen Holy Rhino Coffee as their primary coffee service with coffee, stirrers, sugar, cream, and cups on a regular basis.

Rhino Coffee is expanding into downtown Shreveport with a second location on Texas Street. This move has created an opportunity for clients to work at the downtown location, where they are now packaging and labeling all coffee products sold under the Rhino Coffee logo, in addition to packaging our collaborative blend.