Art Therapy

art-textHoly Angels uses the creative arts to help empower individuals with development and intellectual disabilities. At Holy Angels our AngelWorks Day Program participants are encouraged to express themselves in an atmosphere, which has no boundaries or conformity. They can create whatever they are imagining in one of the enterprises (painting, drawing, sewing, jewelry making, crafts). Holy Angels uses the arts as a therapeutic tool to develop motor, emotional and social skills as well as develop talents in the arts.

When presented the chance to create art, a person with developmental disabilities is invited to awaken his or her creative spirit. After viewing a completed piece, the individual may encounter feelings of pride or relief. The effort put forth while working on a particular piece can also bring feelings of self-worth and accomplishment to the individual. Emotions and feelings that were previously tucked away may be outwardly expressed onto a canvas through various colors and rhythms. Those once hesitant thoughts are now out in the open to be shared.

Our AngelWorks creative arts building is decorated with folk art Giclees that were donated by Doug Gitter.

Products created in AngelWorks creative enterprise are sold in the David Toms Foundation AngelWorks Gift Shop and through our AngelWorks Community Partners.