Sister Concetta Scipione, who has been with Holy Angels since 1965 and served as Holy Angels’ Administrator from 1982 to 2009, was born at Bisent, Teromo, Italy on October 27, 1927. By 1959, Sister Concetta knew that her calling extended beyond her current service at the convent and left all she knew behind to journey to St. Mary’s Residential Training School in Clarks, Louisiana. After 12 days of hard voyage on a ship and two nights sitting on a hard train seat, she and two other Sisters arrived in Clarks to care for “the very special children.” She recalled, “As I got off the train, the extreme Louisiana heat and high humidity stole my breath away. I wondered just what was in store for me, but I was here to serve God, and serve Him, I would!” After serving at St. Mary’s for six years, Sister Concetta Scipione and thirty-five children arrived at Holy Angels from St. Mary’s by chartered bus on a crisp, sunny December day in 1965.

To be of service to the residents, Sister Concetta learned English, graduated from beauty school, received her diploma in education in America (since her Italian credentials were not recognized), and then earned a degree in special education through night and summer classes college courses. From 1965 until 1982 when she became Administrator, Sister Concetta worked under Sister Zita Renzi as the boys’ dorm supervisor. Since that time, she has “devoted [her] life and ability to every aspect of Holy Angels and the care of the Lord’s special ones.” Sister Concetta still serves as a Special Advisor on Holy Angels’ Board of Directors.