Holy Angels’ Residents and Day Program Participants have been hard at work in the AngelWorks Day Program Building, and some new and exciting things are happening! With so many incredible successes, AngelWorks is ready to move into Phase IV, enhancing our established Enterprises and developing a brand new Enterprise!

Rhino Coffee, owned by Andrew Crawford, and Holy Angels have created a signature blend of coffee called “Holy Rhino,” which was chosen by our own community members’ votes! Participants weigh and package beans and grounds, add our signature labels to packaging products, and seal bags for retail distribution. We got to sit down with Andrew Crawford and ask him why he decided to partner with Holy Angels to create Holy Rhino coffee, and he responded, “Partnering with Holy Angels expands our vision of making community and coffee more meaningful. I saw your other products and knew how capable you were,” adding, “Holy Rhino has completely exceeded my expectations. We are selling out every week!” Crawford also believes that the partnership has been a valuable resource for Rhino Coffee’s success in the community, saying, “This has been a huge learning experience for me as well. This collaboration has helped us learn about the community’s coffee needs and wants by working at events like the Taste of Shreveport-Bossier and the Angel Run.” ”

Because of Holy Rhino’s wonderful taste and retail success, Holy Angels has also created a partnership with Sports South, a locally owned sporting goods distributor run by the Markham Allen Dickson family. Sports South has ordered our signature cookies and bags of coffee for their internationally shipped corporate Christmas baskets, specifically 1,000 8 oz. bags of Holy Rhino Coffee and 1,485 dozen cookies!

All of the AngelWorks Enterprises are beginning to replicate these offerings within the community, not only creating jobs and financial successes, but also getting the word out about Holy Angels and the amazing things that our residents are achieving!